The hindrance to passionate life: Self-restraint

I want to be someone who has a passionate life

Therefore, I need to be compassionate with my life

Fulfilling my own dreams whatever I want confidently.

But then,

“what does it mean to live in passion when you restrain yourself?”

Desire is some kind of impulse in yourself, makes you really want something to have, to obtain something, to be something. But how about if a person try to restrain themselves from his/her desire? What do you think? Is it something unusual for you?

I admit, i tend to restrain myself from achieving something that gives me most happiness. I dont know, some kind of rejecting happiness?. I said, “The time is not right”, and then it never be right. Like, it won’t ever come to me. Because i said that. I said and i believed, then it became a reality.

Thoughts like i dont actually deserve it and such. The hell, but it was true.

For me, if it’s something that i really want, i need to wait and be patience over it. I hate waiting for any kind of reason, spent more time without able to do something about it. But then on the other side i tend to wait, for something that even doesn’t make sense. Like a demon spell, i am waiting for readiness (which is recently i realized that readiness was a mere illusion).

I feel that, if you want to have the most satisfaction, you have to wait.

A gamble, isn’t? If you really wait for the happiness to come by itself to you, and then it really does such miracles, then you’re lucky. But not most of cases end up like that.

Somehow, the more you wait the more you lose things. You lost your time, chances, and end up with regret and disappointment.

But there’s no more like that for me. If you surpress your happiness too, then you need to stop, right now.

The thing is, now i’ve learned that waiting does hurt. It gives me more disadvantage, rather than luckiness.

I dont want to be like that anymore. I want to get the thing that i want, be anything that i want.

let’s just stop thinking, what’s so hard about these? If you really want something than fight for it. Don’t just wait anymore!

Even if you has been in regret, don’t be too much into that, it’s dangerous. For me, to actually thinking about how the time has passed, try to look back on everything and so on, like i do admit that i regret most of things. About this kind of thinking, i didn’t dare to take the next step. To be something real, to live the life i want. Like whenever i see someone who can actually achieve their dreams, like in another way they are fighting for their dreams and make it, somehow deep down inside i feel envious. Like why did i think too much, and wait too much. Why didn’t i dare to try before.

So then, get your ass on! state something and make a clarity over the things that you want. It gives you bravery. You’ll see things differently about your way of doing and thinking. Because stating is important. State your focus on.

After you aim it, fight for it! Don’t restrain yourself anymore

Trust me, you deserve your happiness and your dreams.



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