Brand new College Life. Gimana sih cara belajar anak HI?

Ya, namanya juga maba ya, jadi ini gue kan masih awal-awal  kuliah. This is my third month being a college student. You can say that I’m still a newbie, haha.  Dan ini ceritanya gue abis uts gitu. Yaa, gue baru mulai ngerti lah gimana jalannya perkuliahan .
Selama ini berusaha nyesuain cara belajara yang enak itu gimana, yaudah gue coba amatin aja dulu sama nikmatin aja dulu nih perkuliahan.
(Nih gue kasih tips. If you want to know cara dosen ngasih nilai, you must understand them and their ways. What they expect  from you, and how they give the scores.)
Dosen gue tuh orangnya kepiteran kali ya, jadinya kalo ngejelasin cepet banget. Dia kan di awal perkuliahan awalnya ngasih pdf gitu, buat bahan bacaan wajib ceritanya, jadi dia bilang dia bakal ngejelasin dari situ. Yaudah gue baca kan tuh, udah mana bahasa Inggris, tapi ya gapapa amanya juga anak HI masa sama bacaan inggris aja ngeluh. Gue kan masih awam, jadinya gue jadiin itu pdf sebagai pedoman gue belajar.


Tapi abis itu pas quiz sama menjelang UTS gue tuh ngerasa kaya apa yang gue baca ga sepenuhnya keluar. Mungkin gue masih kebawa budaya sma, yang kalo mau ujian ngandelinnya ya hapalan gue, jadi gue sih mikirnya asal gue ngerti materinya, gue apalin isinya ya moga-moga gue bisalah.
Gataunya pertanyaannya tuh dominan analisis gitu. Yaampun..  terus gue bingung kan, tapi untungnya gue jadiin apa yang gue baca sebagai dasar penjelasan gue, meskipun gue sempet lupa-lupa dikit.
Lagian awalnya gue tuh juga bingung, hi itu emang “luas tapi dangkal” (kaya becekan abis ujan), Pegangannya studi literatur, tapi tuh gue ngerasa gabisa dong kita cuma fokus sama matkul pengantar hi doang, apalagi ada pelajaran lain yang jadi matkul wajib fakultas kaya psikologi, politik dll. (apalagi politik). Dan semuanya itu dominan juga matkul studi literatur. Disinilah gue ngerasa tanpa arah gitu hahaha abisnya kan kalo misalnya nih, gue dalam seminggu cuma baca pengantar hi yang dalam bahasa inggris itu, ya gue ga sempet dong mencoba mengerti politik atau filsafat? Atau sebaliknya, gue coba baca setengah-setengah, yaudah hasilnya gue ga ngeti apa yang abis gue baca ?

As the time goes by, I start to understand, bit by bit. What do we need as International Relations scholars? I tried to find out just how are we as the IR scholars, can simply study IR?

The first thing is

You can’t study by only relying on the literatures

Its important but its not enough. By studying the literatures, you’ll understand the basic theories but you need to undertand the cases. Explanations need examples, especially in arguments. Because the cases are important for you to strengthen your arguments, and if you succeed in explaining the theories by giving examples ,it proves that you really understand the theories (Because IR somehow is full of theories).

. You are an IR scholars. “Critical” is the kerword. You must be able to observe, “How does this theory used in IR actual world?”,” Who use it?”, “In what case?”, those are thing that you must frequently ask yourself while trying to understand IR.

If they said “you must know everything” that’s absolutely true

IR talking about cases that happened in the past, and what happened recently. Try to be more curious about what’s happening. As an IR scholars you must be able to argue and give your opinion about the cases. The important things IR mostly talking about are its actors within it, and the events. As you know, the actors are states, IGO, NGO, MNC, and individuals. And there are presidents, laws, and other things that have connections with the actors. Organisations such as United Nations, ASEAN and etc. Events such as conflicts in history, war and agreements which follow it, conventions, and so on.

The point is always “Up Date” your IR news and informations. You can stay update about international news around the world by pay nothing at all. Optimalize your smartphone. Download bbc or cnn or anything as you like to update the International news (I use bbc and cnn apps for news update and The Economist and Bloomberg for articles about International Economy). They are definitely free in app store (since my phone is Android).  Have commitment to read the news at least once per day (its up to you!).



By staying update to the news you start to understand the cases and you can improve your understanding of IR.

Well, I’m not a genius or a super diligent person, but this really helps me and I’m still trying to stick with my commitment studying IR everyday. Take your time, guys. International Relations is a super fun journey!.