First of all, This is the first time i made an anime review, and this is also my first post then i decided to make a review about Tokyo Ravens that i had watched it recently.

Tokyo Ravens, an anime about Onmyoji’s, magic and romance.This show takes place in Japan with world that magic plays major role in it, there are laws to regulate using magic, schools that teach it, onmyo agency that acts as police force to keep magic issues under control. The main character in the story is Harutora, young man who was born from a prestigious Onmyoji family, the Tsuchimikado bloodline, but he cannot see “spirit power”. However, his childhood friend and also his cousin, Natsume, which is a girl of the head family was rumored to be the rincarnation of A genius onmyoji and visionary who had appeared in the midst of the Great Pacific War and would be known as the father of modern Onmyoudo, Yakou Tsuchimikado.

Basically, i really enjoy the supernatural-romance genre, but this is the first time i watched a supernatural genre with Onmyōdō as the strongest point of the storyline. Honestly, i like all aspects of the story. The art is pretty good, the animation and the characters pretty well-defined rather than in the manga. The sounds from the show are quite decent and i feel like somehow they are fitting to each moments in the scenes. The first impression i had from the preceeding episodes is the relations of the hero and the heroine are quite interesting even it is still classic,


but i will watch it till the end (some people said they dropped it in the first half of the story coz it sucks) even i started to feel he was a dense-and-kind type of guy with the girls in his harem (because i don’t really like that kind of development).

But what makes me keep watching it is because of the heroine. I really love Natsume (despite one of my favorite seiyuu is her character’s seiyuu ). I feel like her feelings for Harutora was so sincere and beautiful. She went as far as made a Shikigami called Hokuto, so she coud be near Harutora and gave him support to be an onmyo mage eventhough he didn’t know it was her.


And above all, half of the story have big developments especially episode 20 when everything felt like turned upside down. The truth came out here. At first, i had thought about the possibilities of Harutora might be the real reincarnation of Yakou, so it wasn’t shocked me that much. But, Natsume died with the heroic action by saving harutora’s life was something and an unimaginably development (I watched this episode until several times!). The overall story almost explained here as the twist started.


The insert song for this episode is amazingly beautiful. The song helped me feel the sincerity of Natsume’s feelings for Harutora. It really was so beautiful and sincere. Then she finally able to convey her feelings for Harutora with the same sorrowful situation as Hokuto.


And once again, Harutora lost his precious childhood friend

tokyo ravens 2 20
And once again, Harutora lost his precious childhood friend

In the final episode, finally, Natsume revived from the death and opened her eyes (in her dreams). There was Harutora, sitting beside her ♥


haruxnatsu kiss
A kiss…
tokyo-ravens go
And a farewell…
So it was a dream… Why does it feel so real?

In the end, It’s sweet yet it’s bittersweet. The twist just started. By Harutora’s leaving, those two are going in their different way.

After all those sweet scenes, why Harutora must leave and abandoned her? what’s the point of reviving her in the first place?. These questions make me curious so bad then desperately looking for the spoilers. Because of the anime is ahead than the manga, so i couldn’t find any spoiler for this except from the continuation of its light novel. So if you are curious about what will happen next, the 10th volume of the light novel has its answers.

I wish Harutora and Natsume will end up together in the end. and for Tokyo Ravens itself, i really hope for season 2 because it really was a great story and oh man, the tiwst just began!!!


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